Hepavet® – Vitamin

Hepavet® - Vitamin


Is mainly composed of carnitine, inositol, betaine and choline chloride.

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Hepavet® is mainly composed of carnitine, inositol, betaine and choline chloride. Carnitine is a special amino acid that plays an essential role in lipid metabolism. Fats can only be burned if they have come into contact with carnitine. Fat burning provides energy. Carnitine is an important nutrient for the body and particularly for the muscles.

Betaine improves the process of cell respiration, the conversion of oxygen into CO2 and water and inositol has a calming effect and contributes to improved blood circulation. Finally, choline chloride is an ancillary substance that supports the liver function and, in turn, contributes to a better utilisation of fats. It thereby contributes to better growth.

The unique composition makes Hepavet® a true energy generator!

Recommendations for use
Supports recovery
Contribution to improved feed intake

1 litre
5 litres
* In consultation other packaging sizes possible

500 ml per 1000 litres of drinking water

5 days during 18 – 24 hours a day

Hepavet® – Vitamin

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